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Rubber Seals & Tubing

Timco provides custom rubber and plastic sealing and tubing solutions for a variety of applications. We work with customers to determine the best material solutions to supply quality static and dynamic seals and tubes designed to address extreme weather, excess noise, unwanted vibration, and other issues.

Static Seals

Static seals operate in conditions where there is little or no motion of the mating assembly parts upon the seal itself. This type of seal typically has only an initial compression (the sealing of a hose joint), or periodic compression caused from opening and closing (door seal in a house).

Timco works with you to understand your seal’s application and properly assess the required compression force. We can also utilize a variety of design elements to alleviate any difficulties for your applications, including:

  • Determining the best material for your needs (such as sponge or foam)
  • Pursuing a lower durometer
  • Thinning out the part walls

Dynamic Seals

Applications require dynamic seals when the seal experiences repeated motions against it in a circumferential, axial, or angular direction. Typical examples include piston ring seals and shock absorption seals.

Because of the repeated changing in stress levels, design considerations for dynamic sealing are often more complex than those of static seals. To address these needs, Timco can work with you to provide custom dynamic seals that feature the following characteristics:

  • Steady performance for set temperature changes or thermal cycles
  • High tensile strength or tear resistance
  • The ability to recover from distortions (being squeezed or stretched)
  • Recovery speed after compression
  • Compression set parameters
  • Abrasion resistance

Interested in rubber seals and tubing?

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